What are the aspects related to the use of Dongguan iron boxes?

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What are the aspects related to the use of Dongguan iron boxes?

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2018/03/24 16:06
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Iron boxes have been in use since the 1980s, and they were relatively expensive at the time, and each household had its own, and the tin used at that time was used to hold things because at that time iron was used. The tightness of the box is relatively strong, and the storage time is relatively long. Now the tea tin box is also very popular nowadays, because many people now think that the storage of tea is still relatively sealed, and it is still relatively traditional, so The iron tea tin will always be inherited. So, what are the aspects related to the use of tea tin? In today's world, let's get our Dongguan tin box to explain it to you!


There are still many places where Dongguan iron can be used. There are still a lot of foods or products, and the number of tins used in snacks is very large, and each tin is designed. It is not the same. The pattern on each snack iron box is not the same, but it is relatively simple compared to the tea iron box. The tea's logo must be certain, but it is also more varied, but It is mainly due to the needs of the general public.

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